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Product code: 2403


Color Matching & Quality Control Software for Plastics

Technical Info:

Color iMatch for Plastics software runs in Windowsฎ 7/8/10 operating systems. The software is user friendly and includes all the modern options such as:

• Quality control of color shades, through calculation of the tristimulus values (X,Y,Z) and the values of the parameters (L*,a*,b*), (L,C,H) and dE, using various alternative mathematical equations and various light sources and illuminants (D65, TL84, TL83, A, CWF, F11, F2, ๊.แ.)
• Simulation of the color shade (Color on Screen).
• Texture on Screen Color and Appearance (Professional version only).
• Whiteness, Metamerism, Strength, Fastness & Staining indices
• Shade search.
• Interactive Plots & Graphs
• 555 shade sorting block system.
• Data import from QTX, EXP, XML and other various competitive file formats.
• NetProfiler ready
• Recipes sorting in multiple ways (Metemerism, cost, dE and more).
• Munsell Color Library Included.
• Connection of various companies spectrophotometers.
• Language interchange (Greek, English, German, Italian, French, …)
• Data send through e-mail & fax in Simple and e-Submit form.
• Formulation of several targets in one job.
• Jobs creation with customized views, according to the specifications of every customer and stored them as templates.
• Laboratory and Production Dispensers connection.
• Remote output file export setup.
• Multiple Formulation models: Multi-Flux, Single and Double Constant
• Recipe search & correction.
• Terminal Services (Optional).
• Networkable Database.
• Monitor Calibration (Optional)
• Recipe file.
• Manual formulation and correction.
• Formulation to the target opacity.
• Recipe correction to different DL.
• Configurable Recipe scoring by selecting three critical parameters with specific weight each (e.g.: Spectral Deviation x 1.2, DEcmc x 0.9, Metamerism x 1.5).
• User defined Macros for automatic procedures.