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Product code: 1102


System for ICC profiling for Monitors, RGB-CMYK Printers and Digital Projectors.

Colormunki Design is the do-everything solution that gives you the freedom to design with any color from the visible spectrum, even the ones you never thought possible. Íow you can swing from inspiration to production without losing color quality. Colormunki is so versatile, it’s ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea.

Technical Info:

ColorMunki palette creation software:
    > Create and name unlimited custom color palettes 
    > Select colors from Pantone® and other built-in libraries 
    > Select colors from dynamically associated Harmony, Variation and Similar colors 
    > Capture any color from any surface 
    > Automatically extract color from any image 
    > Search color themes by words like "fresh", "sporty" or "vivid" 
    > PrintSafe™ one-click out-of-gamut view for each paper type.
    > Evaluate colors under different light sources 
    > Automatically synchronize palettes to Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign® and QuarkXpress® or export to your favorite design and photo applications 
    > View color data in LAB, CMYK and sRGB

ColorMunki™ Device: All-in-one spectrophotometer with integrated white calibration tile
• LCD and Laptop Display Profiling
    > BASIC: Preconfigured settings
    > ADVANCED: Optional settings for white point, ambient compensation and precalibration
• RGB & CMYK Printer Profiling
• Digital Projector Profiling
• Ambient Light Measurement and Compensation
• Spot Color Measurement

• Display Profiling
    > Multiple display profiling and DDC auto detect control.

• New High-Quality Printer Profiling Technology
    > Small number, large patch, iterative profiling process (50+50 patches) with profile optimization by loading 5 spot colors from the design to be printed.

• New Automated Printer Profile AppSet™
    > Auto configure photo and design applications to use printer profile when printing

• New Color Creation Tools
    > Extract color from image
    > Capture any color from any surface
    > PrintSafe™ color palette preview

• Runs on Mac and PC

• Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® and InDesign® + QuarkXPress®

ColorMunki Design includes: White ColorMunki spectrophotometer, ColorMunki palette creation software, ColorMunki color calibration software, ColorMunki protection bag/monitor holder, Quick Start Guide and USB power cord.

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Price: 435 €
Price with V.Á.Ô.: 539,4 €