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Product code: 2310


Metal Detectors for Textiles

Technical Info:

• Plug and Play performance
• Exceeds the Code of Practice demands of all leading retailers
• Highly immune to electro-magnetic interference from other sewing equipment – no exclusion zone necessary
• Detector completely unaffected by electrical supply voltage fluctuations (from 86 – 260 volts)
• Balanced Coil design – does not require routine de-magnetisation of the conveyor parts
• Ability to identify contaminant location
• Long life expectancy – No permanent magnets to weaken over time. Solid encapsulated detector head and fully welded polished stainless steel frame construction gives lifetime strength, durability and appearance
• Quick-release conveyor system for easy cleaning and belt change without tools
• Advanced 32bit RISC processor software has reporting, communication, product-learn and data memory functions
• On screen product and reject counts
• Security key function ensures factory Quality Assurance procedures are adhered to
• Password protected against unauthorised access
• Automatic ‘test me’ feature guarantees optimum performance throughout production
• One month’s worth of production data storage capacity in Flash Memory Due-Diligence Audit Trail reporting