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pressSIGN software for accurate colour

Measure and control the colour on your press.

pressSIGN makes it easy to run to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACol G7, SWOP.
pressSIGN works with the GretagMacbeth Eye-One and is also available as a bundle, pressSIGN suite.

pressSIGN - Five easy steps to accurate colour:

• add the pressSIGN control strip to one of your jobs
• read the control strip with your Eye-One and adjust the densities as recommended by pressSIGN
• read the control strip when dry and update the dry back calculations
• adjust the plate curve as recommended by pressSIGN
• run the next job with the pressSIGN settings and you'll have consistently accurate colour

Technical Info:

More about pressSIGN

• test for ISO 12647-2, 12647-3, GARCol G7 & SWOP compatibility
• easy to follow density adjustments
• easy to follow plate adjustment curves - export the data directly to the most popular RIPs
• measure wet or dry - pressSIGN compensates for the colour shift as the ink dries
• receive a detailed pdf reports and label print output
• traffic light scoring system
• use pressSIGN acts as both a densitometer and spectrophotometer, pressSIGN meets all your measurement needs
• CIE L*a*b* values for CMYK & spot colours
• Density values for CMYK & spot colours
• Dot Gain (Tonal Value Increase - TVI) for CMYK & spot colours
• Grey Balance
• Overprint values
• Ink Trapping
• Paper Colour

pressSIGN compensates for dry-back

Use pressSIGN both to evaluate the press sheets and adjust the press as it's running. Because pressSIGN compensates for colour shift that can take place as the ink dries you can use it to adjust the press-on-the-fly. Adjust the densities as suggested by pressSIGN and you'll find that the colours will dry back to hit the ISO targets. Each control strip reading takes only a few seconds and you have a objective measure of the colour, grey balance, trapping and overprint.

Measure the control strip in one sweep or individual patches

pressSIGN step by step guide to accurate printing

pressSIGN takes you quickly and easily to international printing standards. pressSIGN's five easy steps reduces’ make-ready times and improves your colour. pressSIGN's tools allow you to test during the run and to make any density adjustments knowing any colour shift during ink drying will be compensated for.
pressSIGN both reads the density and suggests the correct density adjustment, making it easy to get to the right settings quickly.
Setting the right dot gain curve can be difficult. pressSIGN provides you with the tools to set the correct dot gain curve quickly and easily. Read the sheet and within seconds you'll have the plate adjustment curve to add to your plate or image setter. Import this data directly into the most popular RIPs.

Complete set of measurements in seconds

pressSIGN works in conjunction with the GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrophotometer and reads the pressSIGN control strip in seconds. Read the whole control strip with one swipe or measure the patches individually. When you have read the strip you'll receive an instant report on all aspects of the press sheet. The speed with which pressSIGN operates allows you to monitor your press run constantly. You can therefore ensure the complete run conforms to the ISO, GRACol or SWOP standard.

Compare colours, density and CIELAB Delta E anywhere on the sheet

Choose the standard that suits your press

Select different international printing standards according to the type of press you are running, the type of paper, the appropriate dot gain curve and your customers’ needs. You can also select the default tolerances or adjust the tolerances to suit. For example you can add tolerances for grey balance, overprint and trapping.
pressSIGN turns the Eye-One into complete press measurement tool.
Measure the Lab value, density and dot area and compare it with other readings either from the press sheet or your Pantone book, a proof or ink drawn down. Set pressSIGN to automatically check the DeltaE or Dot Area of the CMYK primaries or compare the Lab values/Dot area of secondary colours or spot colours. You can even type in a Lab value, which you might have taken from Adobe Photoshop, and compare this with the colour on the press sheet.

pressSIGN provides all the facilities needed to produce accurate colour.